Leading HR Services

People, Performance and Culture

Leading Roles is well placed to assist you with any HR project.  In addition to the collective knowledge and capabilities of our brilliant team we, we can assist you with any employment related matter by drawing upon our team of highly accomplished associates who are experienced local government professionals.

Our HR Services include:

  • Executive development and mentoring – Identified a future leader?  We will to help you nurture their leadership potential through a structured executive development plan.  We can also assist you in formalising mentoring arrangements for these key staff.

  • Performance Plans and Performance Process Development – we assist you to establish goals for individuals or teams that are highly aligned to your organisational goals, as well as advise on best-practice performance management processes.

  • Performance Reviews and Development Plans – providing you with an independent and unbiased assessment of employee performance.

  • Position Description review – assistance in articulating the key responsibilities for any role in your organisation.

  • Workforce Planning and Design – we help you be proactive in creating a talentpool for succession, and creating a structure that positions your organisation to achieve its goals.

  • Remuneration assessments and comparisons – insightful assessments of remuneration information tailored for your organisation.