Our Values

Our Values

Our values define us.  We work hard to continuously improve our service, benefit our community and strive to be the premier service in our sector.

Leaving a Legacy

Through achieving outstanding recruitment outcomes, we seek to create broad improvement in councils and long-lasting benefits for our communities.  We seek to show you our commitment in every interaction, every project and every task we undertake for you.

We will do this by

  • identifying the specific requirements of each role at the beginning of a project, looking beyond a position description and identifying the essence of your vacant role, the opportunities and challenges and connection to your corporate goals and strategies

  • employing best-practice recruitment strategies that recruit to fit;

  • utilising external professional assistance to assess candidate competencies and attributes;

  • only recommending candidates that meet the Brief.

We aim for these actions to ultimately contribute to better service.

Raising the Bar

We strive to raise the bar in the quality and value of recruitment services by maintaining outstanding quality and value in all of our work.

Service Delivery

We will deliver a highly efficient and effective service using good systems, processes and governance.  This means that projects are delivered in optimum timeframes, that we utilise resources effectively, and deliver great recruitment outcomes.

We will take a responsible approach to managing our client’s brand, and care for it as if it were our own.

Public Sector Responsibility

We will demonstrate a high-level of accountability in the management of public funds, including the fees we charge, the expenses incurred in the recruitment process and our own business expenditure. 

Through good governance we will:

  • Manage the confidentiality requirements of our clients and candidates and support councils in their RFI processes;

  • Seek to proactively manage any real or perceived conflicts of interest;

  • Take a risk-management approach to all our recruitment projects.

Our Interactions

We will treat each person without bias and in a meaningful way.

Employee Satisfaction

We will provide the workplace environment that enables our employees to fulfill their own professional objectives.  We will promote the benefits and opportunities for achieving a positive life-work balance, understanding that this leads to happier more satisfied employees.

Giving Back

We will provide coaching and counselling to local government staff and those wishing to enter the sector, to assist in building capability and knowledge. 

We will participate in local government affairs and events, supporting organisations such as regional LGAs, the LGMA and other professional bodies in their professional development efforts.

Environmental Impacts

We have the highest regard for our environment impacts, minimising these and creating positive environmental outcomes wherever possible.