Recruitment Services for
​Local Government

About Us

Leading Roles specialises in recruitment and human resources advisory services. At Leading Roles, our goal is to transform the performance and culture of local government through high performing people.

Our experienced team offers quality services that focus on recruitment, retention, engagement and partnerships. Our focus is recruiting the best professional for every role and helping councils and their staff to deliver value for our communities. 

Working together

Leading Roles is a trusted partner of local government - we take the time to understand your values, culture and individual business requirements. Our team has a diverse skill set and specialist industry knowledge of local government. We work with councils on a project-by-project basis to provide the best available candidates based on fit and merit.

We are a values-driven organisation and our team acts with fairness and integrity. We treat all candidates with respect, without bias and in a meaningful way. To subscribe to job alerts, apply for jobs and manage applications, candidates can register on our database of great jobseekers.

Contact the Leading Roles team today to find out how we achieve more for local government by working together. ​​

Our Services

​Leading Roles has a dedicated team who understands the environment and operations of local government. We have the expertise and flexible recruitment service model to assist you deliver great outcomes for your council and local community.

Leading Professionals is a comprehensive end-to-end recruitment solution for individual projects or campaign recruitment.

Leading Partners offers your organisation a partnership with performance focus and safe pair of hands for all your recruitment needs.

Leading Contractors helps you find the right candidate and fill the role quickly for contracts, short-term projects or longer-term contract vacancies. 

Leading HR services offer executive development and mentoring; performance plans, process development; position descriptions; and remuneration assessments and comparisons.

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