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Contract Staff Available

Contract Staff Available

30 April 2024 Carla Anderson

Contract Staff Available

Need contract staff?  We currently have these candidates available now for short-term contracts.

Contact Michelle Nguyen now on or 1800 088 000

Candidate 1

Preferred Roles: CEO

Availability: Early October

With over 20 years of experience in senior leadership roles in both local and State government, this candidate is seeking interim or permanent executive opportunities. Her extensive experience includes:

  • Strategic planning: Demonstrated ability to develop and implement strategic plans aligned with organizational goals.

  • Problem-solving: Strong leadership skills and exceptional problem-solving abilities that drive efficiency and productivity.

  • Asset management and governance: Expertise in managing and protecting assets, mitigating risks, and ensuring compliance.

  • Project management: Certified Project Manager (PMP) with skills in leading complex projects to successful completion.

Candidate 2

Preferred Roles: Engineer, Project Manager, Infrastructure Manager

Availability: Immediately

With over 30 years of experience in the construction industry, this civil engineer excels in project management across various civil works. Core competencies include:

  • Comprehensive project management: Expertise in managing construction activities within scope, quality, time, cost, and safety standards.

  • Diverse civil works: Experience in asphalt, road infrastructure, bridges, stormwater, drainage, and more.

  • Full project responsibility: Capable of handling design, planning, coordination, quality assurance, scheduling, and financial control.

  • Stakeholder collaboration: Skilled in working with clients, government agencies, consultants, and contractors to exceed project expectations.

Candidate 3

Preferred Roles: Director, CEO, Corporate Services

Availability: Immediately

A Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with 33 years of experience in rural and remote Australia, this General Manager excels in managing large contracts and financial leadership. Key skills include:

  • Large contract management: Proficient in overseeing contracts valued at over $20M in complex organisations serving remote communities.

  • Financial acumen: Strong skills in budgeting, financial reporting, and financial analysis for strategic decision-making.

  • People management: Effective leadership with clear communication, empathy, and conflict resolution skills.

Candidate 4

Preferred Roles: Director, CEO, Corporate Services

Availability: Immediately

An accomplished leader with a consultative and empowering leadership style, this candidate has a strong focus on financial management in both private and local government sectors. Key skills include:

  • Financial strategy: Successful track record of changing and improving financial strategies, resulting in surpluses.

  • Financial systems: Led transformations in financial systems, enhancing payment times for suppliers.

  • Leadership: Active participation at the Executive/Senior Leadership Team level with a commitment to staff growth and development.

Candidate 5

Preferred Roles: Community Development, Manager and Operational Leader, Corporate Services

Availability: Immediately

A seasoned business leader with expertise in strategic and operational planning, stakeholder engagement, and governance. Key skills include:

  • Strategic planning: Proficient in crafting, executing, and reporting on high-level business plans for domestic and international markets.

  • Stakeholder engagement: Systematic approach to identify, analyse, and engage stakeholders for collaboration and alignment.

  • Leadership: Respectful, influential, and authentic leader fostering a positive work environment and advocating for the team and organisation.