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Message from Mark

Message from Mark

08 March 2024 Mark Ogston

Mark 1

​Elections, City of Gold Coast Transformation and EVP

Hello from myself and the rest of the Leading Roles team, it’s hard to believe we are already well into March.

As an industry we continue to experience the challenges of low unemployment and high vacancy rates. We have seen the impacts on key positions not being filled, services and projects not being delivered and the ultimate outcome of communities not receiving what has been proposed from their councils.

I have been spending more time than ever in conversations with our key clients on how best to navigate this candidate-led market and still attract the very best talent to their organisations. I am delighted by the creativity, innovation, and openness to new methods of working that we’re seeing in councils as they identify and implement their Employee Value Propositions.

I’m also enormously proud of the Leading Roles team, who despite extremely tight conditions, are placing 93% of our commissions on first attempt. Our team is also an engine room of ideas, innovation, creativity, and commitment to our local government clients, and I see this on display every day in their behaviours and outcomes.

We have built Leading Roles to be a “customer intimate” organisation that prioritises strong, long-term relationships and creates tailored solutions to our individual clients’ requirements. Our work with the City of Gold Coast where we have been providing recruitment services, decision support and rigour to the selection of leaders to support that organisation’s transformation has been founded on customer intimate principles, and it has been an inspiration to myself and my team to have worked with CEO Tim Baker to deliver his vision. We encourage you to reach out to us or the City of Gold Coast’s new leadership team to hear about their transformation to date, and of course, what’s next.

Lastly, and for our Queensland council clients, we have elections in mid-March, and we wish everyone well through this next period as new elected member teams are formed, and policy settings are refreshed. This can be a time of uncertainty and change, but it is also an opportunity for renewal and reframing of what we are here to do for our communities. I’m looking forward to working with the new Councils, to reflect with new perspectives on their communities’ needs and to assist the transformation of their organisations through high performing people.

Until next time, take care and best regards,