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Revolutionising Service Delivery: The City of Gold Coast's Visionary Transformation

Revolutionising Service Delivery: The City of Gold Coast's Visionary Transformation

05 September 2023 Eleanor Ogston

Gc Lighthouse

​Under the visionary leadership of CEO Tim Baker, the City of Gold Coast is embarking on a transformative journey to revolutionise service delivery for its community. To achieve his vision, the City partnered with Leading Roles to support the implementation of their new structure.

Our team is assisting the City to:

  • assess the suitability of current leaders to roles in the new structure, and

  • where these roles can’t be filled internally, we are running an external market campaign to attract top talent.

Customer-Focused Structure

Central to this transformation is a newly designed, strategy-led organisational structure which includes seven distinct departments. 

  • Infrastructure Gold Coast

  • Environment Heritage and Resilience

  • Planning and Regulation

  • Invest Gold Coast

  • Service Gold Coast

  • Strategy, People and Performance

  • Business Services

Executive Assessment and Recruitment

With the drivers of increased operational efficiency and improvement of how council's services are delivered to its communities, the City undertook and extensive review of its management and leadership structure and determined to consolidate and improve this.  The proposed redesigned organisational structure was presented to employees in June this year.

As part of the initial phase of implementation Leading Roles has assisted the council to develop new position descriptions for the Executive General Managers who will be leading these new departments.  Remuneration benchmarking using the Hay methodology was undertaken to establish salary ranges and ensure the council was competitive and fair.

Following this, our team worked closely with the council to undertake a suitability assessment of current employees to these new executive roles and for any unfilled roles we have moved into the recruitment phase, market-testing these positions. 

What’s next?

Applications for the four market-tested Executive General Manager roles have closed and we are busy reviewing applications and interviewing candidates. Council is hoping to make appointments to these roles by the end of September.

Work has commenced on the next two levels down in the City’s structure for the General Managers and Manager roles, with council seeking applications internally for some of these positions. 

Leading Roles will continue to support council through assessments, evaluation of internal applicants and recruitment aiming to have all roles in place before the end of the year.