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What makes a great leader in local government?

What makes a great leader in local government?

04 July 2023 Carla Anderson

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​Working in local government can be both challenging and rewarding, and for those hoping to progress in their careers, it's important to cultivate the habits and attributes which make a great local government leader. At Leading Roles our unapologetic focus is on HR Services and the recruitment of senior leadership in local government has provided us with tremendous insight into what makes a great leader. Whether you're already in a leadership position or striving towards one, here are some attributes we think make great local government leaders:

  1. Communication: Great leaders in local government are effective communicators who can clearly articulate their vision and inspire others to follow their lead. This means being able to communicate with diverse stakeholders, including colleagues, constituents, and community groups.

  2. Collaboration: Collaboration is key in local government, as leaders must work with a variety of individuals and groups to achieve common goals. Great leaders are skilled at building and maintaining relationships, and they know how to bring people together to work towards a shared vision.

  3. Adaptability: Local government is an ever-changing environment, and great leaders know how to adapt to new challenges and opportunities. They are flexible and open to new ideas, and they are always willing to learn and grow.

  4. Accountability: Great leaders in local government take responsibility for their actions and are accountable to their constituents and stakeholders. They are transparent in their decision-making and are willing to own up to their mistakes.

  5. Vision: Great leaders have a clear vision for the future and are able to inspire others to work towards that vision. They are strategic thinkers who can see the big picture and develop plans to achieve their goals.

  6. Empathy: Local government leaders must be empathetic and able to connect with their constituents and community members. They understand the needs and concerns of their constituents and work to address them in meaningful ways.

By cultivating these traits, you can become a great leader in local government and make a positive impact on your community. Whether you're already in a leadership position or working towards one, remember that leadership is a journey, not a destination. Keep learning, growing, and striving to be the best leader you can be.

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