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Think contract work won’t look good on your resume? Think again!

Think contract work won’t look good on your resume? Think again!

26 June 2023 Carla Anderson

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In the list of the dos and don’ts for presenting yourself in the best possible light to a prospective employer; having “moved on too quickly” from job to job would be the number one ‘don’t’. Preparing for an interview and crafting your answer to any interrogation around that 2 year period where you had 4 jobs can be terrifying but is it really deal breaker?

We have all had that job that we embarked on, anticipation being high and eyes dewy with expectation, only to find that, for whatever reason, it’s just not the right fit for you. Then, depending on the length of your tenure at that company you have a decision to make on whether you include it in your resume or leave an uncomfortable, ominous-looking hole in your timeline!

That’s where contracting is a completely different ball game. Having 4 contracts over a 2 year period is a completely different proposition and actually adds to the richness and diversity of your resume rather than something which must be awkwardly ‘explained away’. Contracts within local government create an interesting dimension due to the complexity of the environment and the layers of stakeholder engagement, all of which will only add to your appeal as a prospective employee.

Contracts can vary in length and allow job seekers to ‘try before they buy’ and rather than launch yourself headlong into a new role only to find that it is not for you, you have a natural ‘out’ at the end of your contract. If you and the organization are a match made in heaven then there’s even a chance that your contract could be extended.

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