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Considering a 2023 career change? 4 reasons to consider local government

Considering a 2023 career change? 4 reasons to consider local government

22 June 2023 Carla Anderson

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In the post-Christmas haze of over-indulgence, the most common new year resolutions usually centre around health, career change and ‘giving back’. While ‘food and drink regret’ is something we will leave you to grapple with, finding a meaningful new role is something we can help with! At Leading Roles, we specialise in providing HR services to local government so we know a thing or two about the benefits of working in this sector.

  1. Making a difference

    Local governments focus on delivering benefits to the community they serve, as opposed to a financial benefit to a business owner or shareholders in the private sector. Working for council is a great way to give back to your local community. Unlike state or federal government, the impact of the work you are doing in local government is more immediate, more visible and often more rewarding.

    “If you want to change the world, local government is the place to do it.” Mark Ogston, Director & Principal, Leading Roles

  2. Help create a sustainable future

    Governments face significant challenges from climate change to pandemics and energy conservation, all of which impact how we work, travel, enjoy leisure activities, and approach town planning. Towns and cities of all shapes and sizes have a crucial role in investing in initiatives that create jobs and set up communities for the future.

  3. Develop your skills and experience

    Local government is a diverse and continually changing space with a huge variety of roles to provide career progression and development. You’ll get to work on many different tasks and projects, learn from a diverse range of people, and grow into a well-rounded employee with well-developed job-specific and soft skills.

  4. A rewarding career with work-life balance

    In many cases Local government remuneration is now competitive with the private sector with benefits that are often better. Many councils offer a range of career, well-being, and leave entitlements to provide a healthy work-life balance for their employees. Some of these entitlements may include:

    • Career – professional development opportunities, study assistance, mentoring, and reward and recognition programs.

    • Wellbeing – employee assistance programs, health checks, discounted health insurance, gym memberships, and social club.

    • Leave entitlements and flexible work arrangements – time off in lieu, working from home, compressed working week, paid parental leave, roster day off scheme, and job-sharing arrangements.

A career in local government will enable you to make a difference in communities, enjoy meaningful and challenging work, develop your career and gain new skills, and enjoy a great work-life balance. That’s got to be a great start to tackling your list of new year resolutions!

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