Gladstone Regional Council


Gladstone Regional Council

Gladstone Regional Council delivers essential services to support a thriving, diverse community and promote the sustainable growth of their region.

From a premiere entertainment and conference facility and the provision and management of $2.2 billion of assets, to the delivery of community events and award-winning parks and community wellbeing services, and much more, Gladstone Regional Council offers a diverse range of career development opportunities.

It also plays an important role in community governance and as a forum for local decision-making, helping to deliver the priorities of the Queensland State Government locally and regionally. 

Council has a strong focus on creating a safe, inclusive and efficient workforce and providing opportunity for personal growth and career development for its 650+ employees.

About the Region

The Gladstone Region is a dynamic Central Queensland coastal region that provides an enviable lifestyle and economic stability for more than 63,000 residents. 

Located about 550km north of Brisbane and covering a 10,500km2 area, the Gladstone Region is an industrial powerhouse of the Australian economy. It is home to two of the world’s largest alumina refineries, Queensland’s largest multi-commodity port, the liquefied natural gas (LNG) industry and other industrial giants and is renowned for its employment opportunities and skilled workforce.

The region’s strong economy is balanced by an abundance of natural beauty and, as a gateway to the Southern Great Barrier Reef, its growing status as a tourism destination.

With beautiful beaches, lush forest, historic towns and areas of environmental significance as well as a relaxed, tropical atmosphere, the Gladstone Region is indeed ‘The Region of Choice’.