Charters Towers Regional Council


Charters Towers Regional Council

About Council

The Charters Towers City Council and Dalrymple Shire Council were amalgamated to form the Charters Towers Regional Council following local government elections on 15 March 2008.

The Charters Towers Regional Council services a community of 12,900 from the regional centre of Charters Towers, which is located 90 minutes to the West of Townsville. The Council employs approximately 250 staff, and has an annual budget of approximately $60M, including $19M capital works.

Charters Towers Regional Council prides itself on the values of Innovation, Customer Service, Accountability, Respect and Excellence. Every employee plays a part in ensuring the Charters Towers Regional Council team truly does provide 'Exceptional Service for an Exceptional Community'.

About the Region

The Charters Towers Region is an important and diverse economic driver in the Queensland economy, with Mining, Tourism, Agriculture and Education the major industries. The region is poised for growth, with substantial investment planned in irrigated agriculture, urban and commercial development, and the construction and expansion of military facilities throughout the region.

Charters Towers, the town they call ‘The World', was born to the sound of thunder and flashes of lightning.  Hugh Mosman, George Clarke, John Fraser and their horse boy Jupiter had been prospecting to the south of what is now Charters Towers when their horses scattered during a fierce thunderstorm.  

It was while searching for the horses the next morning that the first Towers gold was discovered. 
Charters Towers celebrates its grand history through wonderfully preserved heritage buildings, pubs, museums and streetscapes, with not one traffic light in sight!

Covering an area the size of Tasmania, the Charters Towers Region offers its community a unique snapshot of rural life as it was in the gold rush days of the 1870's, with that friendly "country feeling" that many visitors talk about.