Balonne Shire Council


Balonne Shire Council 

The Balonne Shire Council is represented by seven Councillors and managed by the Chief Executive Officer in accordance with the Local Government Act and various other Acts and Regulations. There are approximately 83 staff members with an annual operational budget of approximately $27M.

There are three directorates within Council’s organisational structure, including Infrastructure Services, Community and Environmental Sustainability and Financial and Corporate Services.  

As a regional Queensland council, Balonne Shire has a strong focus on creating vibrant and sustainable communities. The council is committed to delivering inclusive community programs that promote healthy lifestyles, safe communities and a celebration of the region’s arts and culture.   

The Council’s vision is for connected innovative communities where economies are strong and opportunities are abundant. The Council’s mission is to invest in people, ignite ideas, meet challenges and grow prosperity. 

Balonne Shire Council offers competitive remuneration, work/life balance, and the chance for you to make a difference in the local community.​

About the Balonne Shire

The Balonne Shire is located in Queensland on the New South Wales border, more than 500km from the east coast of Australia. The shire comprises an area of 31,119kmand includes seven towns and villages. 

It’s a region of surprising diversity and unique attractions. The area is rich in native bird and animal life, wide open spaces, beautiful waterways and many historic buildings. 

With its population of just under 4500 residents, Balonne Shire is also an important service junction between New South Wales and Queensland, between city and country and inland and coast. The Shire is attractive to young families, with higher than average percentages of people in these age groups. 

Balonne Shire Council’s Administration Centre is located in the township of St George. The town has all the facilities for a comfortable rural lifestyle including a modern hospital and a wide range of schooling options. The Balonne River provides many of the town’s leisure activities such as a peaceful river walk, an evening river cruise and water sport opportunities such as water skiing.