Executive Recruitment

Leading Roles specialises in the placement of executive and managerial roles in Councils.

We have a strong knowledge of the people, processes, history and culture of local government and will work in partnership with our clients to deliver high quality cost effective recruitment services.  By working with Leading Roles you will:

  • Access our recruitment project management expertise and extensive networks in the local government sector.
  • Work with our experienced and well-known senior professionals throughout the entire recruitment project.
  • Be assured of a rigorous, high quality and affordable recruitment service.
  • Have the option to utilise Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Personality Profiling to ensure a good ‘fit’ between the incoming candidate and their managers and peers.

Contractor Placements

We can provide high quality local government specialist contractors for short-term projects or longer-term vacancies.  We specialise in sourcing hard-to-find skill sets and have placed contractors in a range of professional services areas including:

  • Executive leadership
  • Rating, Accounting and Finance
  • Business software implementation
  • Workplace Health & Safety
  • Procurement
  • Specialist project roles

Leading Partners

Leading Partners is an outsourced recruitment project management service, and is our latest innovation in service and performance improvement for our local government clients.

The service achieves high standards of performance, excellent recruitment outcomes and a very high level of client satisfaction at very low cost.

We offer three alternate service levels, offering a choice of service that will deliver the most efficient, best value and highest quality recruitment outcome.

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Professional Services

Leading Roles assists councils with all aspects of executive development and performance review processes, providing councils with an independent and unbiased assessment of employee performance.

This service is delivered by Leading Roles Associate, Rod Ferguson – an experienced local government CEO who has over 25 years executive leadership experience in Queensland local government.

Rod delivers a structured performance appraisal process based on the Queensland LGMA Guidelines, which provides a rigorous process for assessing executive performance and determining future development actions.

Our performance review process is fair, comprehensive and independent, and conducted with the highest degree of ethics and integrity.

For a more broad assessment of your organisation’s performance appraisal and review framework, Leading Roles provides specialist third party assessment of existing practices, aligning your performance review framework to corporate goals.

Leading Roles also assists councils in the development of position descriptions, the review of organisational structures, and salary assessments and reviews.

Our Client Promise

Recruitment and retention of staff can be a time consuming, costly and risky process. By engaging Leading Roles we promise to deliver high quality, cost-effective services that achieve excellent outcomes for your council. We will:

Be flexible and adaptable

We’ll work with you to understand your requirements and drivers, and tailor our approach to suit your needs.

Be your brand custodians

We’ll work to understand your culture and values to best represent your organisation to current and prospective employees.

Deliver our services with Integrity and Professionalism

Provide regular communication

We will agree timeframes with you and will communicate throughout a project to keep you informed of progress.

Deliver high quality outcomes

We pride ourselves on providing best practice services to the local government sector, and will strive to continuously improve our processes to deliver the highest quality outcomes.